WinslowDr. Luke Winslow
Office: 202 COM

Dr. Winslow is an Assistant Professor of Communication at San Diego State University. He joined the faculty at SDSU in the Fall of 2014 after teaching for five years in the Department of Management at The University of Texas at Austin. His teaching and research interests include contemporary rhetorical criticism, political communication, and rhetoric and social justice.  His research has appeared in Critical Studies in Media Communication, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, the Western Journal of Communication, the Southern Journal of Communication, Communication Studies, and the Journal of Communication & Religion.  He earned his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin. He is also a member of SDSU’s Faculty-in-Residence team serving Chapultepec Hall.



  1. Communication & Politics
  2. Communication & Rhetorical Movements
  3. Rhetorical Theory
  4. Rhetoric and Public Address

Key Publications:

  1. Winslow, L.  (2015).  Rich, blessed, tenured: A homological exploration of grant writing, neoliberalism, and the Protestant Ethic. Western Journal of Communication, 79(3), 257-282. doi: 10.1080/10570314.2015.1035748
  2. Winslow, L. ( 2015).  The Undeserving Professor: Neoliberalism and the reinvention of higher education.  Rhetoric & Public Affairs, 18(2), 201-245. doi: 10.14321/rhetpublaffa.18.2.0201
  3. Winslow, L.  (2014).  The Imaged Other: Style and substance in the rhetoric of Joel Osteen. Southern Communication Journal, 79(3), 250-271. doi: 10.1080/1041794X.2013.872173
  4. Winslow, L.  (2012).  Colonizing Caster Semenya: Gender transformation and the makeover genre.  Western Journal of Communication, 76(3), 298-313. doi:10.1080/10570314.2011.654308
  5. Winslow, L.  (2010).  Comforting the comfortable: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s ideological conquest.  Critical Studies in Media Communication, 27(3), 267-290. doi:10.1080/15295030903583549

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