Rachael Record HeadshotDr. Rachael Record

Dr. Record is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at San Diego State University. She earned her B.A. (2009) in Communication from SUNY, University at Buffalo and her M.A. (2011) and Ph.D (2014) in Communication from the University of Kentucky. She also earned a Graduate Certificate in Health Communication (2011) and in Applied Statistics (2013) from the University of Kentucky. Her research, typically grounded in behavior change theories, employs mixed methods to examine campaign and intervention strategies to improve health behavior outcomes, particularly within the context of tobacco use and among medically underserved populations. Her most recent projects have focused on campaign efforts for implementing and enforcing tobacco-free policy compliance on college campuses. In addition, Dr. Record explores how social media can be used as a channel for campaign dissemination. Most recently, she is focusing on campaign efforts for increasing education and awareness of electronic cigarettes.



  1. Health Communication
  2. Quantitative Methods
  3. Persuasion

Key Publications:

  1. Record, R. A., Harrington, N. G., Helme, D., & Savage, M. W. (In press). Using the theory of planned behavior to guide focus group development of messages aimed at increasing compliance with a tobacco-free policy. American Journal of Health Promotion.
  2. Record, R. A., Helme, D., Savage, M. W., & Harrington, N. G. (In press). Let’s clear the air: A campaign that effectively increased compliance with a University’s tobacco-free policy. Journal of Applied Communication Research.
  3. Record, R. A., Scott, A., Shaunfield, S., Cohen, E. L., Jones, C., & Collins, T.  (In press). Appalachian women’s lay epistemology of breast cancer screening guidelines. Health Communication.
  4. Namkoong, K., Nah, S., Record, R. A., & Van Stee, S. K. (In press). Communication, reasoning, and planned behaviors: Pathways to anti-smoking intention in a social media campaign. Health Communication.
  5. Cohen, E. L., Scott, A., Record, R. A., Shaunfield, S., Jones, M. G., & Collins, T. (In press). Using communication to manage uncertainty about cervical cancer guideline adherence among Appalachian women. Journal of Applied Communication Research.

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