Dr. Colter Ray

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Colter Ray (Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2018) is an assistant professor of interpersonal and health communication. Colter's research focuses on social support following a cancer diagnosis and aims to improve communication between people with cancer and their supporters. Oftentimes his research focuses on the negative sides of supportive interactions, including instances of unwanted support or times when supporters choose to avoid communicating support. Currently, Colter is investigating mixed messages of social support (i.e., instances when supportive messages simultaneously consist of positive and negative statements). Additionally, Colter is researching the role of memory in social support and how people recall and reuse previous support messages they have received when coping with new stressors. Prior to joining the SDSU School of Communication faculty, Colter taught courses on research methods and relational communication at Arizona State University and the introductory communication course at Texas State University. Courses Taught: COMM 495: Communication Capstone; COMM 350: Investigating Communication; COMM 321: Introduction to Health Communication; COMM 245: Interpersonal Communication; COMM 715: Seminar in Nonverbal Interaction COMM 735: Seminar in Relational Communication

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