Human Communication Lab

The SDSU Human Communication Lab (HCL) is a newly integrated resource in the School of Communication and the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. Designed to facilitate research of communication and health in a comfortable, confidential environment, the HCL represents an institutional resource for increasing the research profile and impact of SDSU.

The HCL is directed by Dr. Colter Ray whose research focuses on supportive communication between those affected by cancer and their friends, family, and other loved ones. Recent studies have explored physiological reactions to emotional support messages and how such reactions influence a person’s memory and recall of those messages. The lab is also available to graduate and undergraduate students for conducting research projects such as independent studies, honors theses, or masters theses and is equipped with a video camera, a desktop computer, two iPads, a two-way intercom, heart rate and blood pressure machines, and OSHA compliant for saliva and blood sample collection.

The HCL also provides valuable training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to gain experience with many important research processes, such as executing lab protocols to collect quantitative, physiological/biological, and qualitative data. Since its inception in 2018, five graduate students and two undergraduate students have served as research assistants. If you are interested in social scientific research about communication and cancer and want to become involved in the HCL, please contact Dr. Colter Ray