Core Values, Vision, Mission Statement

Developed and Adopted by the Faculty, 2018-2019

Core Values

Advance KNOWLEDGE: We value the discovery, diffusion, & advancement of communication scholarship. This value includes inspiration of faculty, students, and our broader communities through knowledge generation & innovation.

Promote FAIRNESS, RESPECT, & JUSTICE: We value respectful dialogue, sound argument & deliberation. This value includes promoting compassion, diversity, and social justice.

Foster RELATIONSHIPS: We value building and maintaining relationships. This value includes creating community & understanding through collaboration.

Enhance the PUBLIC GOOD: We value utilizing communication scholarship for the public good.

Vision Statement

The School of Communication envisions sustained excellence in advancing communication scholarship, promoting social justice, fostering relationships, and enhancing the public good. We enact this vision through inspired teaching, innovative collaborative research, and impactful community engagement.

Mission Statement

Grounded in our Core Values and guided by our Vision, the School of Communication Mission is to achieve scholarly, instructional, and community IMPACT through:

  • Innovating communication teaching and research;
  • Mentoring in the communication research process;
  • Partnering with others in educational, research, institutional, and community contexts;
  • Asking questions, Acknowledging issues, and Assessing answers that advance the discipline;
  • Communicating this mission across contexts;
  • Transforming teaching and research into communicative excellence and Translating our work for the public good.