Graduate Program of Study

The M.A. in Communication Studies provides advanced study of language, interaction, and communication in relational, cultural, and societal contexts. Individuals in the specialization draw from international developments in critical and cultural studies to explore culture and communication, develop a deeper understanding of the intercultural and international dimensions of communication, and explore communication as an interactive process across diverse social relationships, activities and contexts. The program of study prepares students for scholarly or applied careers in communication, including college-level teaching and preparation for the Ph. D. in Communication.

Students in Communication Studies have a program of study with the following characteristics:

Core Theory and Methods 1 Course
Communication Theory 5 Courses
Research Tools 2 Courses
Electives 1 Courses
Thesis or Additional Course 1 Course

Seminar Descriptions

The following are brief descriptions of the seminars in our School. Normal full-time load for graduate students is 6 units, or two seminars. Methods seminars are offered once per year and other topical seminars are normally offered at least once within each 2-year period. Enrollment in a particular seminar is not guaranteed, although we work very hard to ensure that each student is able to take their most desired courses. Therefore, a student can graduate by taking 2 seminars each semester for two years plus two courses during the summer. The school offers two seminars every summer in our study abroad program. Alternatives are to take an overload two semesters or take summer courses in other departments.