(Re)Frame Series

(Re)Frame Series Across Disciplines

Past Events and Recordings

The Center for Inclusive Excellence, the Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice, and the Center for Transformative Justice offers a year-long scholarly discussion series on a given issue or topic such as structural racism. Each year focuses on a different issue, and every month features a panel of scholars, students and community partners from a different discipline.

2022-2023 (Re)Frame Series: Healing and Transformational Work Across Disciplines

The 2022-23 (Re)Frame series hosts a scholarly discussion series on healing and transformational work across disciplines and fields. This series provides a space for scholars, activists, students, and community leaders to share methods and possibilities for creating a more equitable and just future. The series serves as a sensemaking forum, discussing a variety of topics including student success, nonviolent communication, prison reform and rehabilitation, and public speaking and advocacy. 

Transformative Learning at Las Colinas
March 17, 2023
Panelists:    Jenny Franco, SDSU Student
                    Miriam Navarro, SDSU Student
                    Annika Wong, SDSU Student
                           Bridget Wright, Reentry Supervisor at LCDRF
                           Araceli Ramirez Lopez, Correctional Counselor at LCDRF
Facilitator:  Tiffany Dykstra-DeVette, Ph.D., School of Communication
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Healing Through Speech: A Forensics Showcase
February 17, 2023
Panelists:    Ashleigh Edwards, SDSU Student
                    Hunter McKelvey, SDSU Student
                   Damon Mitchell, SDSU Student
Facilitator:  Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D., School of Communication
Zoom Recording


Reframing Relationships Through Inclusive and Nonviolent Communication
November 18, 2022
Panelists:    Adam Adams, M.S., Office for Restorative Practices
                     Jessica Chang, M.Ed., Center for Inclusive Excellence
                     Ricky Pope, Ph.D., Office for Restorative Practices
Facilitator:  Conor McLaughlin, Ph.D., Center for Inclusive Excellence
Zoom Recording


Student Success Reconsidered - A Critique of Popular Education Theories & Frameworks
October 21, 2022
Speaker:    Frank Harris, Ed.D., College of Education
Zoom Recording

2021-2022 (Re)Frame Series: “Anti-Oppression” work Across Disciplines 

The 2021-2022 (Re)Frame series seeks not only to identify and deconstruct forces of oppression, but to also imagine, identify, and contribute to the construction of a better, more just world. The (Re)Frame series discussion takes place on the 3rd Friday of every month at 12-1pm. 

From Allyship to Co-Conspirator in Anti-Oppression Work
April 15, 2022
Panelists:    Tonika Green, Ph.D., College of Education
                      Katina Lambros, Ph.D., College of Education
                      Rachel Richardson, SDSU Student 
Facilitator:   Jennifer Imazeki, Ph.D., School of Economics
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Anti-Oppression Work in Dance & Performance
March 18, 2022
Panelists:   Ari Honarvar, Writer
                     Dilkhwaz Ahmed, Executive Director of License to Freedom   
                     Chuyun Oh, Ph.D., School of Music and Dance
Facilitator:  Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D., School of Communication 
Zoom Recording


Anti-Oppression Work at Institutional Levels with University Change Agents
February 18, 2022
Panelists:        April Laster, Open Heart Leaders
                          Vangie Akridge, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist, Alliant International University
Facilitator:       Alan Mobley, Ph.D., School of Public Affairs   
Zoom Recording 


Anti-Oppression Work in the Business Context
November 19, 2021
Panelists:          Beth Chung, Ph.D., Fowler College of Business
                            Devin Hughes, Author, Speaker, Consultant
                           Gabrielle Washington, SDSU Student, Human Resources Management
Facilitator:         Lisa Gates, ​​Ph.D., College of Education
Zoom Recording 


Defining “Anti-Oppression” Work
September 17, 2021
Panelists:   Alan Mobley, Ph.D., School of Public Affairs
                    Jennifer Imazeki, Ph.D., School of Economics
                    Lisa Gates, Ph.D., College of Education
                    Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D., School of Communication
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2020-2021 (Re)Frame Series: Structural Racism Across the Disciplines

This inaugural series seeks discussion and perspective on structural racism across disciplines. The (Re)Frame series discussion takes place on the 3rd Friday of every month at 12-1pm.   

Health Disparities and Structural Racism  
April 16, 2021
Panelists:      Melody K. Schiaffino, Ph.D, MPH, Health Management and Policy Professor @ SDSU
                        Natasha Salgado, Logan Heights Community Development Corporation
                        Eya Massan Touglo, Fulfilling Destiny
                        Thelma Navarro, SDSU Student @ School of Public Health
Facilitator:     Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D.
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Education and Structural Racism
March 19, 2021
Panelists:       Marissa Vasquez, Ph.D., Postsecondary/Community College Leadership Faculty @ SDSU
                        Eriq Felix, Ph.D., Postsecondary/Community College Leadership Faculty @ SDSU
                        Gloria Corral, CEO/President of the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
                        Ángel Gonzalez, Ed.D, SDSU Student
                        Nicholas Leath-Lacy, SDSU School of Communication Student
                        Natalie King-Shaw, SDSU Student @ School of Psychology
Facilitator:     Lisa Gates, Ph.D.
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Structural Racism and Dialogue about Race
February 19, 2021
Panelists:      Godfried Asante, Ph.D.
                       Marwa Abdalla, Ph. D., Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, UCSD
                       Leonard J. Thompson III, Th.D, San Diego NAACP
                       Kayla Gerdes, SDSU Student & School of Communication
Facilitator:    Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D., School of Communication  
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Hospitality and Tourism
November 20, 2020
Panelists:      Alana Dillette, Ph.D.,
                       Jason Dunn, President of the National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners & VP of Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau
                       Martinique Lewis, Diversity in Travel Marketing Consultant & Founder of ABC Travel Green Book
                       Brylynn Smith, SDSU Student @ School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
Facilitator:     Lisa Gates, Ph.D., College of Education
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Politics and Voting
October 16, 2020
Panelists:      Dooreen Mattingly, Ph.D.
                       Homayra Yusuf, PANA
                       Sean Elo-Rivera, Youth Will
                       Rashanna Lee, SDSU Student @ Department of Women’s Studies
Facilitator:   Jennifer Imazeki, Ph.D.
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Policing and Criminal Justice System
September 18, 2020 
Panelists:      Megan Welsh, Ph.D., School of Public Affairs  
                       Anthony Williams
                       Martin Leyva
Facilitator:    Alan Mobley, Ph.D., School of Public Affairs 
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