Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice

Mission and Goals

The Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice deploys the interdisciplinary scholarship and activism of SDSU faculty, students, and community members to enhance productive dialogue about pressing social issues of SDSU and the wider San Diego region. Broadly, The Institute seeks to develop a culture defined by redressing direct and indirect forms of social and economic injustice and promoting alternative vocabularies, practices, and policies that enhance the potential for all people to live healthy, safe, full, viable, and meaningful lives. More specifically, the capacity of our core faculty and participants to enhance productive dialogue on campus and in the community carves out a unique role for The Institute.

The Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice is self-funded and run by volunteers. Any donations go directly to funding the initiatives listed below. Your support allows us to continue working toward our mission to create social change at SDSU and the greater San Diego community.



The Institute currently has three initiatives that encompass a variety of existing and planned collaborative activities:

  1. Criminal & Restorative Justice Community Engagement
  2. Campus Awareness of Social Justice
  3. Cultural Wealth & Cultivating Cultural Competence

These initiatives reflect the strengths and contributions of SDSU faculty and students as well as established collaborations between the university and community organizations.

The SDSU Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice promotes dialogue that draws upon the expertise of community partners and university faculty, staff, and students. The SDSU Institute was established as a university-supported resource based on the broad recognition that inequities and injustices pervade the lives of SDSU faculty, staff, students, and members of the surrounding communities.

The Institute supports ways to redress direct and indirect forms of injustice and inequity and is a beacon in the San Diego region for sustainable change for underrepresented and vulnerable communities.

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