Dr. Lourdes Martinez: Faculty-Student Research

photo of Dr. Lourdes Martinez

Martinez, L.S., Hugh, S., Buhi, E. (2017, May). “Okay, we get it. You vape”: An analysis of content, context, and sentiment regarding e-cigarettes on twitter.

Christerson, K., Spitzberg, B., & Martinez, L. (2017, May). Organizing persuasive appeals for organ donation: A study of evidence and prospect effects on organ donation.

Martinez, L.S., Spitzberg, B., Tsou, M., Issa, E., & Peddecord, M. (2017, May). Vax populi: The social [media] (de)construction of public health policy.

Martinez, L.S., Record, R., Silberman, W., Wehlage, S., Kaiser, E. (2016, November). Run the risk or take a chance? Comparing effects of probabilistic frames on behavioral intention.

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