Dr. Lourdes Martinez

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Dr. Lourdes Martinez

Dr. Lourdes S. Martinez is an Associate Professor in the School for Communication at San Diego State University (SDSU) and an Associate Director in the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age (HDMA). She received her B.A. (2004) in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and M.A. (2008) and Ph.D. (2011) in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Martinez’s research focuses broadly on the intersection between social psychology, communication, and public health, and has been published in several journals including Patient Education and CounselingJournal of Health CommunicationHealth Communication, and Communication Quarterly.

Courses Taught:

COMM 420: Quant Methods in Comm

COMM 422: Politics in Health Comm

COMM 424: Health Comm and Relationships

COMM 425: Theory and Research in Health Comm Campaigns

COMM 426: Communication in Health Risk and Crisis

COMM 492: Persuasion

COMM 750: Special Topics: Social Network Analysis

COMM 752: Seminar in Dark Side Communication

COMM 792: Seminar in Persuasion

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