Summer Advising Updates

Summer advising will begin with our Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Michael McHan, on July 10th, 2020.

Many questions about School of Communication majors and courses are available on this website. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below on this page. Also, please browse other tabs and pages on the School of Communication website for many routine questions.

If after viewing the School of Communication website you are still in need of help, please see below.

  • If you have advising questions for your major before summer advising begins, the PSFA Assistant Dean's office can help you:
  • The Assistant Dean's office can also help answer questions about withdrawals, leaves of absence, student services and support, and any other student issues or question.
  • If your questions are related to General Education, Graduation requirements, writing, language, math, etc. requirements, please contact the Academic Advising Center:
  • SDSU and its student services remain open through the summer. This webpage is continually updated with student services and information, particularly related to COVID-19.

For incoming transfer students, orientations will be held July 31 - August 13. During orientation, we will cover in detail what to register for in the Fall, additional major requirements, and everything else you will need to feel comfortable as COMM majors. Orientations will include one-on-one sessions with an advisor.

If you are interested in enrolling in a major course over the summer (either COMM 321 or COMM 350), please submit a request to SDSU Summer Request

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

  • Joining a meeting via Zoom is very easy.
  • At the assigned meeting time (during open hours or at a scheduled meeting time) use one of the links provided below to be taken to Zoom;
  • You will be directed to download application if needed;
  • If you are put in a virtual waiting room, wait there until you can be seen privately in a virtual meeting room.

Meet Your Undergraduate Advisors

Spring 2020 Virtual Advising
Tuesday: 12:30-6:30
Thursday: 12:30-6:30

Zoom link to contact Dr. McHan during scheduled hours:

Advising Frequently Asked Questions