Dr. Patricia Geist-Martin: Research Projects

photo of  Dr. Patricia Geist-Martin

Parsloe, S., Geist-Martin, P., & Anderson, M. (2017).   "Hand to hand: Advocacy after stroke. "

Bryant, A. H., & Geist-Martin, P. (2017).   "Communication touchstones: The cycles of emotion in human service work with refugees who experience intimate partner violence."

Majmundar, A., Geist-Martin, P., & Jenkins, J. (2017).   "Disciplining the female underweight body: The stories women tell of their discursive surveillance."

Plump, B., & Geist-Martin, P. (2017).   "Ideologies of integration: Integrative MDs communication health."

Hook, C., & Geist-Martin, P. (2017).   "Communities of care: Stories of the communication of support and non-support within incarcerated women’s relationships behind bars."

DeAnda, C., & Geist-Martin, P. (2017).   "Memory insight: Navigating the complexities of generational mother-daughter relationships." Qualitative Inquiry.

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