SONA: Online Research Participant Pool

San Diego State University is one of the nation’s premier urban research universities. One way the School of Communication contributes to that research culture is through the management of SONA, an online system where researchers post studies and recruit participants from undergraduate courses in communication. Beyond being a platform to support original faculty research, SONA presents a number of unique opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. Graduate students post studies in this system as the PIs of their own class or thesis projects. For many graduate students, navigating study posting and data collection through SONA is their first experience gathering their own research data. Although undergraduate students working with faculty on research are able to be included on posted studies in the SONA system, most undergraduate students in the School of Communication experience SONA as a research participant. Participation in such research provides important insights into the process of knowledge generation. Thus, SONA brings together faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the School of Communication in an effort to learn about and produce communication research.